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Below you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). We really hope that we managed to gather all the important questions and answer. If this is not the case please fill free to contact us using the buttom below.


  • What kind of molds do you produce?

    We can make any kind of mold. Of course, we first need to see the detailed drawing and there is minimum order (ask for quote).

  • Where can I see your products?

    Go to the Gallery page on our web page.

  • What kind of materials do you use?

    Brass, aluminum or in some cases steel (very rare).

  • Where can I order?

    Usually, I do molds for Group buys. Go and look under Group buys, click on links, and you will be redirected to a forum where group buy is going on. There will be information on price, material, time, etc. Also there will be link to order page.On every Group buy I do some over order molds. This molds can be found in my E shop.


  • What type of handles do I need for your molds?

    Molds are designed for use with Mp Mold handles or LEE 6 cavity handles. There are also other brands that will fit. Slot on the mold is 8,2 mm wide and 9,8 mm deep. Screw diameter is 4,2 mm.

  • What are GROUP BUYS?

    In group buy there is a group of people which all want same design, weight, etc. of bullet. First there is discussion, proposals and at the end there are orders. With group buy there is smaller price for mold (cost of tooling are smaller per mold). Also more people are involved into development, so bullet can be multi purpose.

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Last added products

MP 452-155 SWC PB 6 cav NO LUBE GROOVE
95,00€  76,00€ Excl. Tax: 76,00€
MP 452-155 SWC PB 6 cav
95,00€  76,00€ Excl. Tax: 76,00€
MP 356-125 2R 8 cav Bevel base
95,00€  76,00€ Excl. Tax: 76,00€
MP 356-125 2R 8 cav Flat base
95,00€  76,00€ Excl. Tax: 76,00€
MP 311 - 180 SIL GC HP 3cav
100,00€  80,00€ Excl. Tax: 80,00€