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MOVING SALE!!! (august - september 2017)

Don't miss out 25% off on all our molds.

We will be adding molds daily, so come back regullary.

There are two reasons for this sale:

- we are moving in september 2017 in much bigger place

- we are collecting founds for new Cnc lathe, so we can produce even higher quality molds.

Please help us out and spread the word around

New web page


MP Molds (MP Kalupi d.o.o.) proudly presents the new web page and e- shop. We hope you will find all information you need about our molds and other tools.

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Introducing our molds

This are the main specifications regarding our molds:

- all molds are CNC machined

- we produce semi custom molds for cast bullets

- materials used for molds are Brass, Aluminium 2007 (2011 or 2024) and in some cases steel

- material used for sprue plates is steel

- alignment pins are hardened steel (60 - 65 Hrc)

- dimensions of mold blocks depends on bullet design. Theoreticaly we can produce all kind of molds, but first we must know the bullet design

- we can produce single to six cavity molds (again, depends on bullet design)

- we can produce hollow point and solid design bullet molds

- where design allows we make reversible hollow point pins , so you can cast HP bullets or solid bullets in the same mold

- with all our molds RCBS/Lyman type top punches are included

- fits on MP mold handles or LEE 6 cavity handles

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